Fitness Resort Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Body building, rehabilitation, slimming and health care since 2004


Comfortable rooms for short and long term stay (including breakfast).


Southeast Asian style bungalows in a tropical garden.

Sports Classes

Muay Thai, MMA, Aerobics, Stretching, ABDOS 6 Pack and Karate for Children.

Bodybuilding Gym

Workout area with machines, benches, weights and cardio equipment.

Welcome in the Fitness Resort Sihanoukville, Cambodia, your health and body shape is our profession. We are here since 2005 for make your visit in Cambodia to a very special experience. In a 2.500 square meter tropical garden you can work out in our outdoor Gym, visit different sports classes and reside in our beautiful Southeast Asian style bungalows and rooms. We have also a playground for your children!

- Personal coaching by a professional instructor in sport and health.

- A huge range of cardio equipment.

- Free weights, benches, leg press, dips machine and much more.

- Beach volleyball- and badminton field.

- Garden restaurant with breakfast, lunch and dinner.