Sihanoukville bungalow

Sihanoukville bungalowIn Sihanoukville, there are many bungalows for rent, however they are often in poor condition and can let in multiple bugs and creatures that could make your stay somewhat unpleasant.

But ours are custom built with many amenities such as bottled water, free laundry service, private balcony’s, large bathrooms, a sitting room with TV, DVD players and views of lush gardens. Each bedroom comes equipped with mosquito nets and plug in repellents.

Here in Fitness Resort Sihanoukville we offer bungalows built solidly by a Westerner with the help of Cambodian artisms. The result is that you get a beautiful custom bungalow with all the amenities of a small house with private terrace.

Our bungalows are located in a beautiful park with lots of tropical vegetation and mature coconut trees giving you the feeling of being in a paradise especially for you and your well -being.

The owner of the Fitness Resort Sihanoukville has created a bungalow that offers you all the necessary modern conveniences like high-speed Internet , cable TV , a DVD player, a fridge, a desk, a lounge, a bedroom on mezzanine, etc. . Our bungalows are extremely comfortable and are located in our park surrounded by greenery in order to get the privacy you need for a pleasant stay .

Fitness Resort is located near all the amenities offered by the city of Sihanoukville such as its several beaches and shops and all other tourist attractions such as horse riding, spas, restaurants and various water sports offered in the local area.

One of the features of our resort, according to many of our previous guests, is that when they return to their cabins after a day in Sihanoukville they experience a sense of relaxation that gives them the feeling of being in a small earthly paradise.

In addition to your stay in one of our bungalows located in Sihanoukville, you get full access to our gym and professional trainer who will develop a plan for you fitness goal.

If you are in Sihanoukville and looking for a comfortable and well-built bungalow, you must stay at the Fitness Resort. Book today! For our customers, we will pick you up at the bus station absolutely free.

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