Sihanoukville guest houses

Sihanoukville guest housesSihanoukville is a very busy city and it is for this reason that you will find many guesthouses with no charm. Our guest house is part of one of the best in Sihanoukville for several reasons, here are a few.

We are one of the few guesthouses located in a pleasant oasis filled with tropical greenery and mature coconut trees that really give you the feeling of being in the tropics. Our resort is regarded by our customers as a true tropical paradise where it is good to relax after a day of activity in Sihanoukville.

Our guesthouse also offers beautiful bungalows in Sihanoukville built solidly with all the amenities of a small private home at very affordable price.

Whether for a room or a bungalow, our guest house offers all the amenities necessary for modern life such as high-speed Internet , TV, DVD, fridge, desk, etc. . All our rooms are tastefully decorated with a South Asian touch to make your stay more memorable than just impersonal hotel room. And don’t forget we have a fully equipped gym with a personal trainer free of charge to help with your fitness needs.

To ensure you have a pleasant stay, you definitely need to book a room in our guest house as we offer a excellent customer service in a beautifully environment with lush vegetation and many amenities.

Book one of our rooms or bungalows in our guesthouse located in the heart of Sihanoukville. For our customers we will pick you up at the bus station absolutely free.

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