Sihanoukville hostels

Sihanoukville hostelsWhen you are planning to stay in Sihanoukville and want to find a place to stay with all the necessary services look no further than hostels than the Fitness Resort.

If you have traveled in the past, you know that a hotel is often seen as impersonal whereas at the Fitness resort we offer friendly surroundings. because the owner is a Westerner, he understands your needs and offers a haven of peace located with all the amenities found in Sihanoukville. For example, you will be close to all markets and all the services available in this small town. You ‘re just a few minutes from all the beaches of Sihanoukville available.

The accommodation options provided by the Fitness Resort will give you much more than just  your average hostels. Many of our clients are surprised when they see our charming bungalows with all the amenities of a small rustic house decorated with a typical Southeast Asian touch.

If you really want to experience total relaxation while enjoying the modern conveniences like high-speed Internet, television, cable, fridge, restaurant service, etc. Fitness Resort is the place designed for you. You can say that you have stayed in a unique tropical resort oasis.

Fitness Resort is a grand hostels, offering a Gym, with a private fitness trainer who will prepare a program tailored to your current fitness level and is included in the rental price of our rooms or our bungalows.

So now that you know who we are and what we offer, try a few nights with us and hopefully you will become one of our delighted customers. Why come to a city like Sihanoukville, Cambodia and rent a room in a simple impersonal hotel when you can have an unforgettable experience in comfort at the Fitness Resort Sihanoukville .

Book today for your next unforgettable stay in Sihanoukville with all the services of a hostels, but with the typical charm of Cambodia. For our customers, we will pick you up at the bus station absolutely free .

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